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Valentine's Day A Busy Day For Private Eyes

CHICAGO (CBS) -- We all know florists are super busy on Valentine's Day, but did you know it's also a busy holiday for private investigators?

CBS 2's Mai Martinez spent the day with a Chicago private eye on the hunt for cheaters.

Forget flowers and chocolates, all some people want for Valentine's Day is to know if their significant other is cheating.

That's where the Perry Myers and his team of private investigators at MSI Detective Services come in.

"A case that I have going on today, she'll be meeting her … boyfriend for a Valentine's lunch, and her husband around the same vicinity, actually, for Valentine's dinner," investigator Theresa Cheriachangel said.

Private investigators say that's often the case, making Valentine's Day one of the best days to catch cheaters.

"As soon as they leave their house, until they come back, we'll keep an eye on them," Cheriachangel said.

If you'd rather do the detective work yourself, you can buy some of the same gadgets the pros use, like GPS trackers.

"You can actually see where the car is in real time," Myers said

There's also computer spyware to allow you to look at your spouse's or significant other's photos, videos and emails.

Or you can opt for hidden recording devices.

Myers showed off a small recording device that can be attached to someone's keychain.

"We'll be sitting in a bar or restaurant, or standing where someone is involved in something. We'll press a button, and we're … videotaping."

Security cameras can also keep an eye on things 24/7.

U-Spy Store customer Kenneth Ford said he trusts them more than a private detective.

"The private detective that you hire could be the guy that's doing the cheating with your wife," he said.

He joked that he prefers to do his own detective work because his wife might be attracted to a private detective he might hire. "It could be happen like that," he said.

Don't think you are completely in the clear if you get through Valentine's Day without your significant other going "M-I-A."

Investigators said people should be wary of any last-minute trips that might have come up for the Valentine's Day weekend, because it's common for cheaters to shift celebrations with their lovers to before or after a special day to make it less suspicious to their spouse or significant other.

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