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Urlacher: 'We Got Our Butts Kicked'

(CBS) Brian Urlacher had a pretty simple way to summarize what happened in New Orleans Sunday:

"We got our butts kicked," he told Eddie and Jobo on K-Hits Monday morning.

"It's so loud in there, that's probably the loudest place I've ever played," Urlacher said.

The middle linebacker, who lost his mother last Monday, also opened up about his decision to practice last week and play in Sunday's game.

LISTEN: Eddie and Jobo's entire interview with Brian Urlacher

"I knew I was going to play," Urlacher said. "I wanted to practice a couple days. The best place for me to be was around my teammates. Half my time I spend with them. So I wanted to be with them. They made it OK for me to laugh. It was normal. I wasn't weird to be around them. So it was nice to be around that and I kind of take a break from everything that was going on.

"I'll get caught up this week and hopefully things get back to normal here soon."


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