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Urlacher: 'There's Some Shady Stuff Going On'

(CBS) The NFL owners may have ratified an agreement Thursday but the players are making it clear that they aren't completely on board with that agreement.

Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher as one of those players who isn't on the same page as the owners.

"I think there's some shady stuff going on from one of the sides," Urlacher said on K-HITS Friday morning. "I think the owners voted on a deal that wasn't OK'd by the players. We agreed on something else, but they voted on something totally opposite."

Still, Urlacher still seems optimistic that the lockout will end soon.

"It will," he said. "It will. I know it will."

One of the elements of the negotiations was the possibility of an 18-game schedule, something that will not be part of the new agreement. Urlacher is among the great majority of players who were against the 18-game schedule.

"I don't think that helps anybody," he said. "All the owners are talking about these days is player safety and we gotta watch out for concussions and stuff like that. How can you add two more games to our season if you are worried about our safety? It doesn't make any sense."


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