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Urban League Kids Hosting Water Drive For Flint

CHICAGO (CBS) -- As the number of bottled water drives for Flint has slowed to a drip, the Chicago Urban League is hosting one for the next several weeks.

The idea came from high school students enrolled in the league's Human Capital program as they debated their next service project, according to program director Angela Hamilton.

"They were shouting out ideas. 'Well, I like going to Ronald McDonald [House],' 'I like doing food at the food pantry,' and then one kid said 'Don't forget about Flint,'" she said.

Despite waning public attention to the water crisis in Flint, Hamilton said its residents still need help getting clean water.

"When you think about how long it's been, it's been over a year plus since this crisis has been called to the nation's attention," she said.


While plenty of people have forgotten about the plight of Flint residents, Hamilton said the kids in the Human Capital program are using the hashtag #Don'tForgetFlint.

Donations of bottled water, filters, baby wipes, and cash will go to the Flint Housing Commission the first weekend in November.

"People have time. It's not a rush. If they want to donate more than once, we would be more than willing to accept," Hamilton said.

The kids plan to drive the donations up to Flint themselves, which Hamilton said should be a learning experience in and of itself.

The Urban League is collecting donations Monday through Friday from 10am to 4:30pm at the offices at 4510 S Michigan and 5146 S Ashland through November 5.

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