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ONLY ON 2: UPS 'Package Man' Comes To The Rescue When Heavy Package Falls On 4-Year-Old Oak Park Boy

OAK PARK, Ill. (CBS) -- The math just doesn't work out – a 4-year-old boy is no match for a 97-pound box.

Video shows that box crush little Max Pratt as he screams for help. But then, a hero comes running.

On Wednesday, CBS 2's Jermont Terry reunited that rescuer and the suburban boy he saved.

An attempt to help with a package left Max in a dangerous bind. He cried out after a box just delivered to the front porch tumbled over – trapping him.

"I was scared I was going to fall down the stairs," Max said.

Max, who is only 4, recalls the frightening moments on the same steps.

"I always get the packages," Max said. But as to this one, he said, "I couldn't get it – well, the package man got it."

Max is known for bringing in the packages for his mom. But this time when he heard the doorbell ring, Max did not know what the UPS driver dropped off was out of his league – much too heavy.

"I was saying, 'Help!' and then the package man just came back and lifted the box," Max said.

WATCH: Jermont Terry's Full Interview With 4-Year-Old Max Pratt

That package man was UPS driver Marco Angel. He raced across busy Ridgeland Avenue in Oak Park to rescue Max.

"As soon as I saw the package tilt, I just started running back to it," Angel said.

The 97-pound box completely covered little Max, who weighs about 40 pounds. But Angel doesn't hesitate.

"He didn't think twice. He didn't even look for traffic," said Max's dad. "He came sprinting. It was pretty cool."

"I pictured my boys in his situation. Obviously, you go into kind of into full parent mode or full dad mode to make sure the kid is all right," Angel said.

Indeed Max is all right now. He's even relaxing on what fell on top of him – a hammock.

Angel: "I'm just happy that I was able to get that box off him, because the box did weigh."

Terry: "If you got the chance, you'd love to talk to the family?"

Angel: "Just hoping the little boy is all right. That's all I want."

So we made that happen with a virtual meeting. And the Pratt family was full of gratitude for a UPS driver who is living up to his last name, Angel.

"That's what he is," Max's mom said. "You are our angel, the way you flew in and helped him."

Max's parents have now talked with him about opening the front door when no adult is around.

As for Angel, the UPS driver, he marks one year on the job next month – with a tale to remember.

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