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UPS Driver Has Driven 7 Million Miles Without A Single Crash, Ticket

(CBS) -- Seven million miles is pretty darn far.

How far?

The distance from Earth to the moon is about 239,000 miles, so seven million miles is like going back and forth more than 29 times.

Now imagine driving seven million miles without ever having an incident.

In this original report CBS 2's Chris Martinez introduces us to that super driver who happens to be one of Santa's safest helpers.

Add up all the time you've spent behind the wheel and chances are you can't even come close to Ralph Lendi.

They call him the "candy man," but he's also known for something else.

In more than 40 years of driving the big rigs for UPS, Ralph has never had one incident on the road. No crashes and not a single ticket. Especially impressive considering he has logged over 7 million miles.

"Sounds crazy to me," said Lendi.

Crazier still when you consider it's only about 25,000 miles around the Earth. Ralph has driven that distance 281 times.

"My dad was a truck driver too, he drove over 50 years," said Lendi.

His co-workers call it amazing, a record worthy of distinction. Ralph simply calls it doing his job.

"This time of year, probably loaded with Christmas presents for kids. You wanna get it there for them, y'know make the Christmas special too," said Lendi.

"If I had to give one piece of advice to anybody, space. Leave yourself room around everybody else," said Lendi. "And candy."

Ralph's record is known company wide. He currently holds the third safest driving record among all UPS drivers in the U.S. The number one driver has gone 50 years without an incident.

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