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UPDATE: Woman Gets Money To Pay Gas Bill From Viewer After CBS 2 Story Airs

CHICAGO (CBS) -- An update to a CBS 2 Investigation regarding debit card fraud, the victim and her desperate need to find funds to heat her home.

Doris King gets a prepaid government-issued Direct Express debit card which has her monthly disability check.

Her grandson, who is mentally disabled, stole the funds from the card. She explained the matter to Direct Express and waited for months to get reimbursed.

King didn't have enough money to pay her gas bill and it was ultimately shut off. She spent weeks walking around in her home with a coat and scarf.

CBS 2 Investigators: Debit Card Fraud Leaves Chicago Woman In The Cold

A number of people reached out to CBS 2 to help King. "A kind viewer" paid King's $300 gas bill.

She said she's appreciative of all the offers and grateful to have heat and cooking gas this Thanksgiving.


Doris King With Gas Stove
(Credit: CBS/Doris King)


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