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Unpaid Child Support Further Complicates R. Kelly's Legal Troubles

Chicago (CBS) -- R&B singer R. Kelly will spend his third night behind bars after a judge set his bond at $1 million Saturday. The singer, who is accused of sexually abusing four victims, hasn't been able to come up with the 10 percent needed to get out of jail.

In addition to this legal battle, Kelly is also dealing with unpaid child support.

Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg, said the singer is several months behind on child support payments that amount to $20,000 each month.

In court, his attorney described the singer's finances as a mess.

Kelly returned to the Cook County Courthouse Saturday for the first time since his 2008 acquittal.

The 52-year-old showed no emotion. The judge heard the graphic details in court and called them "disturbing".

Kelly is accused of sexually abusing four victims, three of them underage girls. The alleged abuse goes back 20 years, spanning from 1998 to 2010.

Prosecutors talked about a video tape that reportedly shows Kelly engaging in sexual acts with a 14-year-old girl and two pieces of possible DNA evidence on clothing provided by two alleged victims.

Greenberg says he looks forward to reviewing the alleged evidence and maintains his client is innocent until proven guilty.

Attorney Michael Avenatti says he's representing at least one of the victims. He accused the singer and his handlers of several things, including witness intimidation, paying witnesses and destroying evidence leading up to his criminal trial in 2008.

"He had a lot of people that assisted him and they did so for one reason and it's a disgusting reason. It was all done in the interest of money," Avenatti said Saturday.

Greenberg says Kelly is being held in a private cell of the jail's hospital to protect his safety.

"It's just easier for the sheriff to have him there because if they put him in general, there would be inmates who would want to get after him, give him a hard time," he said.

The attorney said the timing of events has contributed to a delay in his release.

"This all happened on Friday. He wasn't really prepared. He was surprised. Then Saturday by the time he went to bond court, the banks were closed," Greenberg said.

Kelly's next court hearing is Monday at 9 a.m. where a judge will be assigned to the criminal trial.

The hearing for the unpaid child support is scheduled for next week.

Greenberg says the child support payments are not factoring in to the posting of bond and eventual release.

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