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Unpacking Taylor Swift's "The Tortured Poets Department" release, Chicago mural clues

CHICAGO (CBS) — Amid the release of Taylor Swift's new album "The Tortured Poets Department," Chicago's Showbiz Shelly says, "There's a lot to unpack."

Swift's latest album dropped overnight, and the pop superstar had a huge surprise on tap: It's a double album. Leading up to the release, cryptic QR codes were painted on buildings, including one in Chicago's River North neighborhood.

As 103.5 KISS-FM's Shelly explained, each mural was strategically placed in different cities, leading fans to a YouTube Short revealing a letter. Chicago's OR code, located at  25 West Grand Avenue, linked to an initial video of an old-fashioned manual typewriter typing the letter "T" on a piece of paper.  

Shelly said fans put the letters together city-to-city and spelled out "Fortnight," her new song featuring Post Malone.   

"From what I understand, the video (Fortnight) is going to be dropping tonight at 7 Chicago time," she said. "In the meantime, Taylor released a little teaser trailer for the music video, and I'm very intrigued." 

Shelly referenced Swift's Grammy win for Midnights when the singer held up a "two," which fans think was a hint to her double album release.  

"It keeps fans just constantly wondering, what's she going to do next," Shelly said. 

Of course, the album release would not be complete without Travis Kelce-related song rumors. Shelly said a song on the album may be about her football star boyfriend. 

"'The Alchemy' if you listen closely, you'll hear some sports references in there." 

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