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Uber and Chicago cab drivers enter new partnership

New partnership brings together Uber and Chicago cab drivers
New partnership brings together Uber and Chicago cab drivers 02:11

CHICAGO (CBS) — Over the years, rideshare companies like Uber have had a contentious relationship with Chicago's cab drivers.

But a new partnership aims to change all of that, with the two now starting to work together.

Gregory McGee has called the roads his office and the steering wheel for more than two decades - his most trusted colleague.

The Chicago taxi cab driver has seen it all on the job: The ups and downs and everything in between.

"Some of these drivers are out here working so hard. Actually, we're raising children if you can imagine that," McGee said.

When he first learned about a partnership between Uber and the city's more than 2,800 taxi cab drivers, where riders can request service from a local taxi driver using the Uber app, it was music to his ears.

"We need every fare we can get. Because every fare is precious income to pay those bills and provide car service for someone who's trying to get to work on time or what have you," McGee said. 

The partnership expands a program already in place in other cities like New York and San Francisco, where participating drivers earn 30% more on average than drivers who do not take Uber trips.

In this new rollout, local cab drivers will be an option for users looking for a ride.

Riders will pay the Uber X-rate and receive upfront pricing.

"So this is more, another opportunity just to have more trips in the pipeline, for them to make more money," said Ron Sherman, CEO of Arro. 

For veterans like McGee, getting a slice of that ride-share pie will likely alleviate the pressure of the grueling daily grind.

"I could have time to take off a Saturday or Sunday and then enjoy the city or go to church like my father told me to," McGee said. 

This Uber taxi partnership was launched in Chicago the same week the rideshare company announced new safety features for riders.

The company said it's all in an effort to enhance the experience for both riders and drivers.

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