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Trump Supporters Shut Down Music Store; Claim Harassment

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A North Side couple will shut down their music store in the coming month -- and blame people who allegedly harassed and threatened them because they back President Trump.

Suzzanne Monk says she first saw the ugliness the night candidate Trump cancelled a rally at UIC a year ago.

Not shy about her political convictions, she said within weeks she, her husband and her store, Worlds of Music Chicago, became the target of threats, boycotts and warnings to customers to stop doing business unless they, too, wish to become targets.

Monk says the store will not only become strictly mail order, but will also relocate.

"It's kind of bullying, it's kind of violent, it's getting out of hand because we aren't stopping little incidences and maintaining the peace."

She says Chicago has become a city of fear, hate, division and bullies.

Monk says she hopes to move some place where they can help make America great again.

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