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A Look At The Troubled Life Of Mercy Hospital Shooter Juan Lopez

CHICAGO (CBS)  -- The shooter's very recent past gives clues as to how a man could become a killer.

CBS 2 Investigator Brad Edwards learned for Juan Lopez, the relationship that ended with Dr. O'Neal coincided with domestic strife with his ex wife.

In that case, court documents paint a portrait of a deadbeat dad and domestic abuser.

Juan Lopez's lives appear to have collided one week in late October. The week it appears Lopez was to marry Dr. O'Neal. The same week his ex-wife took him to court. She wanted Lopez to be held in contempt for failing to pay child support that racked up to nearly $6,000.

And continuously moving and refusing to tell his ex where he is living.

Documents state since the divorce, Lopez has had various and inconsistent employment. He was also given a minimum of  six hours a month visitation with his son, at least three hours, two Saturdays a month. but he failed to even do that.

To that six-year-old son, according to court documents Lopez said "his mom was evil and dark..."  and that his son "shouldn't marry a woman like me" -- the mom's words.

Married in 2008, the now ex Mrs. Lopez had it six years later. By 2014 she filed for an order of protection against Juan Lopez, saying he "slept with pistol under his pillow," "left it out accessible to child" and "pulled out his gun with intent to harm."

His now ex-wife claimed "I fear that my safety is in jeopardy." Their divorce was granted in November of 2015.

The stated legal grounds: "constant infidelity & abuse."

The Juan Lopez divorce/child custody case had another court date set for next Tuesday. It appears his attorney was trying to fire Lopez as a client.

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