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Trestman On If Clausen Will Start Again: 'We'll Talk About It'

(CBS) Starting on Sunday for the first time since 2010, Bears quarterback Jimmy Clausen went 22-of-39 for 181 yards, two touchdowns and one interception in Chicago's 20-14 loss to Detroit.

Now, with one game left in the Bears' abysmal 5-10 season, only one on-field question remains that anyone cares about. Will Clausen start again?

"We'll talk about it today," Bears coach Marc Trestman said Monday morning on WBBM Newsradio 780. "I thought he had a good performance. He needed some help. He didn't get it -- had a few drops along the way, had a couple missed assignments up front in the running game, where we could've had a little bit more yardage. But I thought he handled himself (well), for two practices and having not played (much) for four years. It was certainly a good performance.

Asked if he believes he made the right call in benching starter Jay Cutler, Trestman responded, "You never look back in this business. You can't do that. You can only look forward, and you have to live with the decisions that you've made."

Trestman was also asked about his own job security after many reports indicate he'll be fired at season's end.

"As I've said to the media in the last couple weeks, when you're a 5-10 coach, everything's on the table," Trestman said.

"All I can say is inside (the building), everybody's been supportive."

Listen to Trestman's full interview below.

Marc Trestman on WBBM Newsradio

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