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Travel Writer Calls Chicago 'Overrated' Tourist Destination

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A travel writer raised eyebrows in Chicago this week by calling the city one of the world's most overrated tourist destinations.

But when he offered another Midwest city as an alternate destination, well, the city's tourism leaders said that was enough, reports WBBM's Keith Johnson.

Travel Writer Calls Chicago 'Overrated'

A great art museum, some of the country's best architecture, and a fun music scene. All the features Huffington Post travel writer David Landsel credits to Detroit.

"The city has some iconic cultural institutions and that beautiful lakefront," Landsel writes. "But look too far past the glittering Potemkin village at Chicago's center and you'll find yourself near or at the bottom of a sad pile of poor to average."

"Instead, try Detroit. It's more honest. Also, there's a great art museum, a proper public market, some of the country's best architecture, the music scene is fun, the food scene is better than it has been in ages and the beer is better and much cheaper."

But Choose Chicago Vice-President of Communication Meghan Risch says Chicago still comes out on top, and the 46 million who visited in 2011 would agree.

"We host an average of three-to-four international travel writers here per month and the stories that are coming out now are that they have found a New New York," said Risch.

But Ritch insists, there are no hard feelings.

"We would be happy to take care of him and show him around show him what a truly top-rated destination Chicago really is," said Risch.

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