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'It's All For The Vets': Test Your Luck With The Queen Of Hearts Raffle In McHenry

CHICAGO (CBS)-- After a 9 month break, the McHenry County VFW Queen of Hearts raffle is back and tickets are going fast.

The multi-million dollar raffle where anyone can be queen, raises big bucks for veterans. The Queen of Hearts in McHenry became a phenomenon with thousands converging in the small town located in the northwest suburbs.

The new drawing will take place Tuesday night.

Last year, an Arlington Heights woman walked away with $4 million.

New rules are in place and this round of the game is worth $3.4 million. Half of money goes to the raffle winner the other half goes back to the VFW.

To play, you have to show up to buy $5 dollar raffle tickets.

The new game uses 22 cards, hidden in numbered envelopes and displayed on a board. Players then pick a number and write their name on the tickets.

During the weekly drawing, if the queen of hearts is picked, the jackpot is won. If the queen of hearts is not drawn, it rolls over and this time the other cards win big.

"There's a guaranteed winner of a large dollar amount every time now, a minimum of $5,000 up to $30,000, depending on which card you pick," said Dwayne Lungren.

"It's all for the vets, come on out and have a good time with us, have dinner grab a beer," Linda Nelson, an auxiliary member, said.

Joan Earhart is heeding the call back from last year. She said she is filling out raffle tickets for herself and other family members.

"I'm playing just like everybody else," Earhart said." "I want to win and you'd like to help your family."

The drawing will take place at 8 p.m. and tickets can be purchased up until 7:30 p.m.

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