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Suburban Schools Discuss Florida Shooting With Students, Staff

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A couple of suburban school districts are tackling the issue of the Florida school massacre head-on.

In Township High School District 113, principals of Highland Park and Deerfield High Schools spoke with students and staffs on Thursday morning. They told them that, their safety and security are the top priority. They also encouraged conversations about what happened in Parkland, Florida this week.

"Students had received a letter from our district for students and parents. But there were also morning announcements made regarding the incident, a moment of silence," said District 113 Superintendent Dr. Christopher Dignam.

Supt. Dignam said he felt it important that principals of Deerfield and Highland Park High Schools be upfront with the issue to make sure students knew their safety is of the utmost importance and that they can talk about those kinds of issues in class.

He said teachers are on the front lines of those discussions.

"We believe they should, at any time possible if it comes up especially with this incident, to put to the side curriculars for the day if that's what's needed in class to have conversations with students regarding their thoughts or perception."

Dr. Dignam said teenagers are aware of what's going on in the world and many want to talk about it with adults they trust.

The principals of Deerfield and Highland Park High Schools also asked students to talk to staff at the school if they notice a change in a friend or something odd posted on social media.

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