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CBS 2 Investigation: Top 15 CTA Stations For Reports Of Track Trespassers

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It seems to happen just about every day: Chicago Transit Authority trains stopped because someone is somehow on the rails.

For example, in a recent 7-day period, we spotted six CTA warnings about an "unauthorized person on the tracks." A CBS 2 investigation finds it's not only a common occurrence but track trespassing is also on the rise.


CTA Person On Tracks Tweets
(via Twitter)


How are people even getting down there?

Social media posts from CTA often alert riders to "significant delays" when these incidents occur. We found someone ends up in that dangerous area with electrified rails and moving trains more than 5 times a week on average whether it's an intentional act, a fall or a push.

CTA Platform Trespassing Incidents

A CBS2 investigation finds track trespassing is not only a common occurrence, but is also on the rise.

We analyzed a CTA log of "platform trespassing" incidents from 2017 and 2018. Of the 576 reports made in those 2 years, here are the top 15 stops where CTA is notified of an "unauthorized person on the tracks:"

1. Pulaski (Blue): 24 incidents
2. Howard (Red/Purple/Yellow): 23 incidents
3. Jackson (Blue): 20 incidents
4. Cicero (Blue): 20 incidents
5. 87th (Red): 15 incidents
6. Lake (Red): 14 incidents
7. Jackson (Red): 13 incidents
8. 63rd (Red): 13 incidents
9. Kedzie/Homan (Blue): 12 incidents
10. 79th (Red): 11 incidents
11. Western (Blue): 11 incidents
12. Belmont (Red/Brown/Purple): 11 incidents
13. Pulaski (Green): 10 incidents
14. Clark/Division (Red): 10 incidents
15. Clark/Lake (Blue): 10 incidents

In a six-month investigation, CBS 2's Lauren Victory has uncovered why safety solutions available right now are not being put to use to stop people from landing on the tracks.

Tune in MONDAY AT 10 to learn more about the RIDING RISK.

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