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Toddler Rescued From Lake Michigan After Drifting Away On Inflatable Duck In Michigan City

CHICAGO (CBS) — Bystanders rushed into Lake Michigan to save a toddler Monday afternoon, after the boy started drifting away on an inflatable yellow duck.

A woman and her two children were in the water at Washington Beach in Michigan City, Indiana, when winds carried off her son on his inflatable duck.

Dave Benjamin was with his family when he saw it all unfold. He said the mother kept trying to reach her son, but couldn't grab him.

Benjamin ran to notify lifeguards before getting his paddleboard and swimming out. Three other people also tried to help.

"Seeing this whole thing unfold just created a feeling of exhaustion and high anxiety knowing that this child is going far and fast on this inflatable duck, and if this child falls in we've got to get to it immediately," Benjamin said.

The boy's inflatable duck flipped over as bystanders appeared to get within reach.

"He did fall off, and now I'm watching his head bob with these floaties on, thinking we only got seconds to get him," Benjamin said.

A nearby boater was able to pull everyone out of the water.

Benjamin said there were no warnings posted about high winds or dangerous water conditions.


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