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TMZ Tries To Make Big Deal About Derrick Rose In A Nightclub

(CBS) Derrick Rose was in a Hollywood nightclub Wednesday and apparently that qualifies as big news for TMZ.

We're not sure if TMZ is aware of the NBA calendar, but it's July -- the middle of the offseason. Sure, Derrick Rose is recovering from surgery to repair a torn ACL, but that doesn't mean he has to live his life as a recluse.

TMZ filmed Rose leaving The Roxbury with his entourage at 1:30 a.m. He was walking with a limp -- he tore his ACL after all -- and everyone in the video is well behaved. The only embarrassing part of the video is the question (if you can call it that) asked by TMZ:

"What's up Mr. Rose? Mr. Rose by any other name ... uhh different ... Shakespeare, you know?"

Fortunately, Shakespeare was much better with words.

TMZ called Rose's appearance at the club a "shocking move, considering he signed a $95 million contract extension back in December. Taking his busted knee to a place filled with stumbling, drunken people might not be the wisest decision."

Clearly the gossip website doesn't know "Mr. Rose" well. He's not exactly the type of guy who would pull a Rob Gronkowski on the dance floor.

And in case you're still doubting TMZ's lack of credibility on the subject, the web site's story reported that Rose "could miss the start of next season."

If TMZ had been paying any attention, they would know Rose is going to miss 8-12 months. If he somehow gets back for the start of next season, well then, he's performed a miracle and has earned the right to go to any nightclub whenever he pleases.

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