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Tinley Park carnival shut down after flash mob of 400 teens takes over

Tinley Park carnival shut down after flash mob of 400 teens takes over
Tinley Park carnival shut down after flash mob of 400 teens takes over 02:11

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It was supposed to be a weekend of family fun at the annual Armed Forces Carnival in Tinley Park, but that fun was cut short. The carnival was shut down after a chaotic flash mob involving 400 teenagers unfolded, causing police to cancel the final day. 

Families coming to take part in the final day of festivities were met with an empty parking lot. Police shut it all down in an effort to avoid a repeat of the chaos that happened 24 hours earlier. 

Police say the teens were brought together by social media and created a flash mob situation intended to cause mayhem. 

"I feel very mad because I wanted to go to the carnival, and they passed out tickets to my whole school," said Taniyla Smith. 

Taniyla and her family were devastated to learn about the cancellation after driving more than 30 minutes from their home and arriving to see a lone carnival ride packed up and ready to go. 

"I'm very disappointed," said Taniyla's mom Taneria Smith. "We just don't have anything to do or anywhere to go just for them to have fun. We don't want to take them back home." 

As police responded to the chaos at the 80th Avenue train station where teenagers were causing panic and fighting with each other, five arrests were made. All of them were minors who were later released to their parents. 

Several citations were also issued.

At least one injury was reported of a police officer who was attempting to break up a fight.

Police decided to cancel the final night of festivities after learning of another planned flash mob set for Sunday.

Fayth Mudada and her friends have a message for the trouble makers.

"Do better because you caused everyone who came here to not have fun," Fayth said. 

Police say initial reports of gunfire erupting Saturday night were unfounded. No firearms were found at the scene, and there was only one minor injury reported.

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