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Time-Lapse Video Of Ice Moving On Chicago River

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- At this point in the winter, the faster the ice gets out of here the better.

However, before it all melted on the Chicago River, Albert Bartkus saw an opportunity to capture the moment.

Da Ice flow by Albert Bartkus on YouTube

As he left his Marina Tower apartment on Thursday, he noticed the large chunks of broken ice floating slowly down the river.

He quickly set up his GoPro camera and created a short time lapse video that shows the ice floating away.

It is kind of therapeutic to watch the ice moving so quickly.

The 43-second video is comprised of 1,008 images taken at five-second intervals.

"I noticed the ice moving slowly down the river so I thought why not set up a camera for a couple hours and see how it turns out," Bartkus said in an email to CBS 2.

"That's a part of the magic of time lapse, you never really know what you're going to have until you render it out."

Bartkus is a boat captain and often takes video and photographs around the water.

He recently completed another time-lapse video project showing the end of the boating season.

Boats by Albert Bartkus on Vimeo

Boats from Albert Bartkus on Vimeo.

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