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Tillman On Trestman: 'He's Turned The Corner With Me'

(WSCR) It's no secret former Bears head coach Lovie Smith was adored by his players.

Known as a player's coach, Smith's dismissal from the team didn't sit well with several players.

But cornerback Charles Tillman said new head coach Marc Trestman has won him over.

"I think he's turned the corner with me personally," Tillman told 670 The Score's Laurence Holmes. "Our relationship is good. I want to play for him. I want to make him proud.

"One of the things I told Coach Trestman is that the best compliment a player can give a coach is saying, 'Hey, I want to play for you.' I wanted to play for Lovie Smith. I wanted to play for Dick Jauron. Guys that'll want to play for you, I think that's special. That's good. I want to play for Coach Trestman."

Charles Tillman on with Laurence Holmes

So what is it about Trestman that's so endearing?

"I'd probably say his ability to just listen to you and not just 'I'm a coach and it's my way or the high way,'" Tillman said. "He listens. I don't expect a coach to just do everything I want to or do everything I say. He's a great listener. That's something that I can take and learn from him after football."

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