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Thousands Petition To Shut Down "Go Bananas" After Weekend Brawl

CHICAGO (CBS) --  Outrage is spreading in a northwest community after a video was posted online showing parents getting into a nasty brawl at a children's fun center.  This was not the first time police have responded to "Go Bananas!" Norridge residents say they want the business shut down.

CBS 2's Lauren Victory reports Go Bananas made headlines in 2011 after a three-year-old boy fell off a rollercoaster inside and died.

Monday night, the family fun center was flooding feeds again after video of a fight over the weekend.  More than 3,400 people already signed onto a petition to close Go Bananas for good.

In a viral video of a fight at the family play center over the weekend, adults can be seen screaming, as an angry woman took a swing with a mop. Another person ran with a chair, as men wrestled to the ground. The fight broke out at a birthday party, with a baby just a few feet away.

Chief David Disselhort of the Norridge Police Department said, "What you see on those videos is not indicative of how Norridge operates." But the disappointed Police Chief said he acknowledges his officers are very familiar with Go Bananas.

"We've been there several times, multiple times," Chief Disselhort stated, comping a log of all the incidents.

Mayor Jim Chmura said he is "sickened" by Saturday's brawl, pledging to "take care of it," including "reviewing ordinances," saying he is working to determine if Go Banana's business license should be revoked.

Customers at the child's play place were shocked after viewing the videos Monday.

"I'm glad you showed me. I'm glad. Oh my God!" said Sevim Ozkn, a Go Bananas customer, who takes her grandchildren there to play.

Not all parents agree, however. Some believe the facility just needs added security to ensure safety of the children at play.

Arnold Purnell, a Go Bananas customer, said, "That seems like an adult situation. So we can't spoil the kids' fun. We have to be more responsible. From seeing that, I'm seeing that it probably could use some more security."

Police say Go Bananas hired security at one point, but there were no security guards Saturday night.

The owner of Go Bananas, as well as management, did not comment.

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