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Thousands Of Seniors Gather In Millennium Park For Chicago's Senior Fest

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A few thousand people, age 60 and over turned out in Millennium Park for Chicago's Senior Fest.

The festival including a full day a fun for seniors with a picnic lunch, bingo, raffle prizes, dancing, flu/health screenings and more.

Mayor Emanuel introduced the woman, who was perhaps the most senior senior, 103-year-old Edith Renfrow Smith, who lives on the North Side.

"I asked her, I said, 'Are you on the internet?' She goes, 'No, but I just gave up driving this year,'" Emanuel said speaking about Edith Smith.

She was born July 14, 1914.

"No, internet, no. I can email. That's all. Back and forth. Or I might be able to look up a recipe on the internet, because I love to cook," Smith said.

edith smith
Edith Renfrow Smith, 103 years old (WBBM/Steve Miller)

Her advice for a long life?

"Take care of yourself. Remember, you've got a good body. Take care of it...

"I never drank and I never smoked. And every morning, our mother made a big pot of oatmeal. Everybody had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast," Smith said.

WBBM: Do you still like oatmeal?

"I hate it. Those big pots of old gummy stuff?" she laughs.

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