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Thousands Expected To Protest Again In Chicago; Mayor Says Saturday's Crowds Were Peaceful

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Thousands of protesters are expected again in Chicago following peaceful protests Saturday.

At least 10 marches and rallies are scheduled to take place from the city to the suburbs Sunday. The first is a peace walk starting at 10 a.m. in Chatham.

Saturday's protests were a lot different than what was seen a week ago. Chicago police had a very large presence at the demonstrations, and in one neighborhood they even met face to face with protesters who demanded their voices be heard.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Roberto Clemente Community Academy in Humboldt Park in none of two large protests that happened in Chicago. Protesters of every race filled the streets on the West Side. They marched for almost two miles to the 14th District police station.

It was a mixture of culture with a bigger message in the fight against police brutality.

Once protesters arrived at the police station, they were met by a line of officers in riot gear and delivered passionate words to police. Eventually they kneeled and held a moment of silence.

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