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There's A Nice New Metra Station In Ravenswood -- Why Isn't It Open?

(CBS) -- The new Ravenswood Metra station on the Union Pacific North Line has been finished since last fall. Commuters standing in the cold are wondering why it isn't open for business.

"It sure seems like it's been finished for awhile," one passenger says. "All the lights have been on and no one's been over there. Not really sure what's going on."

The Ravenswood station sits gleaming and appears sheltering, as commuters stand out on the temporary platform at track level.

It is the busiest station on the UP North line and the busiest reverse commute station in Metra's system.

That outbound station was supposed to be open last May. Then Metra said November of last year.

Metra Spokesman Michael Gillis says the track has been the latest holdup. Union Pacific hasn't put it in yet.

"I don't know exactly why the track wasn't completed before the fall, when the station was," Gillis says.

The latest estimate from Union Pacific: The station will finally open this May.


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