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There Are Crazy Callers Into Ann Arbor Radio Too

(CBS) Here at 670 The Score, we're no stranger to crazy callers. For that reason, we feel uniquely qualified to point out as to which regular Joes brings great entertainment to the airwaves.

The latest: Paul in Toledo. Paul is a diehard fan of the Michigan Wolverines who, as he points out, is living in enemy territory. To no one's surprise, he didn't take Michigan's 31-0 loss to Notre Dame last Saturday well.

And that would be putting it lightly. We'll give you a highlight, but only the sound as he called in to WTKA in Ann Arbor can do it real justice.

"Brady Hoke can get some burritos and get the heck out of town," Paul screams.

Paul's Mitch McGary reference is even better. Take a listen below.

angry michigan fan by poo stick on YouTube
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