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The World Cup Soccer Coach You Have To See To Believe

This year's World Cup has provided some incredible games along with some unbelievable moments including the bite felt around the world.  There is one personality though who is winning the heart of soccer fans from every country - Miguel Herrera- coach of team Mexico. His wonderful reactions to his team's play during the World Cup and over the years are simply magical.  We've picked out five of our favorite Herrera moments. (Some have been wonderfully enhanced.)

"I make them wait before I show joy!"


"The rain is my favorite weather in the world!"


"You want a hug?! You want a hug?! Hugs for everyone!"


Try to jump and pump your fists at the same time - it's not as easy

as you think- but Herrera does it with ease.

(Bonus points for the open mouth too.)


Pure. Magic. Who wants to do a movie with our hero CAPTAIN HERRERA?!

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