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The Price Of Overpaid Sluggers

(CBS) The All-Star break gives Chicago baseball fans a three-day break from the dismal seasons for the White Sox and Cubs. It also gives us a chance to take a closer look at two of the overpaid sluggers in Chicago.

Adam Dunn and Alfonso Soriano will make $12 million and $19 million, respectively, over the course of the 2011 season. And both players are no strangers to hearing boos from their fans because of those big contracts. Let's take look at just how much money these players have been paid so far this season to put up the numbers they have.

Dunn's $12 million salary comes out to $74,074.07 per game. So, for the 92 games so far in 2011, Dunn has been paid roughly $6,814,814.44.

Soriano's $19 million salary comes out to $117,283.95 per game. So, for the 92 Cubs games that have been played in 2011, Soriano has been paid roughly $10,790,123.50.

Here's how the salaries for both sluggers break down:

Per Home Run
Dunn (9): $757,201.60
Soriano (14): $770,723.11


Per Hit
Dunn (43): $93,353.62
Soriano (69): $156,387.59


Per Run Batted In
Dunn (34): $200,435.72
Soriano (41): $263,173.73


Per Strike Out
Dunn (117): $58,246.28
Soriano (68): $158,678.28


Per Batting Average Point
Dunn (.160 BA): $42,592,59
Soriano (.265 BA): $40,717.45

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