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The Hedgehog: A Comb That Might Be The Cutest Multi-Tool Ever

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) -- For centuries, the comb has been an essential and practical grooming tool.

Yet, the comb does have some engineering flaws.

And in the modern, mobile, multitasking world, the comb should do so much more.

So much potential, wasted--until now.

Wouldn't it be great if a comb could slick back your mane of thick, dark locks, then open a beer and prop up your smart phone to watch videos?

What if you could tame your frizzes, tighten a loose screw on your IKEA furniture and then open a beer to celebrate your handy accomplishment?

That's the concept behind the Hedgehog, designed by Zootility, which also created another multi-tool called Pocket Monkey. In addition to the usual multi-tool functions, the Pocket Monkey can peel and orange and nick a banana.

Zootility - PocketMonkey by Grommet on YouTube

But the Pocket Monkey can't comb your hair.

In addition to the comb and bottle opener, the stainless steel Hedgehog has two kick stands to prop up a mobile device, a wrench, a screw driver, a chip clip and can double as a wallet.

Look, there are a gazillion multi-tools out there, but the Hedgehog gets bonus points for its whimsical design and light, thin profile.

"Come on, it's a hedgehog, it's awesome!" said Zootility engineer Jenna Hight. "Look how adorable it is."

The Hedgehog is available through Zootility's Kickstarter campaign.

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