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'The Driver's Sleeping': Police Bodycam Video Of Man Asleep At The Wheel Of A Tesla

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A first look at police dash cam video of a speeding driver.

Asleep behind the wheel of a Tesla on Sunday.

CBS 2's Jim Williams reports on what the suburban Chicago man had to say for himself when police said he woke up and pulled over.

It was 8:00 Sunday morning. A 911 caller describes an alarming, high-speed sight on I-94.

"There's a black Tesla and the driver's sleeping."

Sleeping indeed, behind the wheel of that Tesla. On autopilot, at 82 miles an hour in Kenosha County, Wisconsin.

Dashcam rolling, Deputy David Gomez tried in vain to get the driver's attention. Loudly.

"For about two point two miles, had no reaction from the driver," said Deputy Gomez. "Lights and sirens going, different pitches, different sounds. still no reaction."

The chase ended when the driver finally wakes up and stops. The deputy's bodycam was recording. Police said the driver is Mitul Patel of northwest suburban Palatine.

Twice last year, Patel was sleeping inside a moving car, according to police. The high tech Tesla can be put on autopilot. But the car company insists drivers still are supposed to maintain control.

Sunday morning, the deputy cited Patel and his car was towed.

"So if you're doing this and you're thinking you can go about your business and drive, no, do not let technology take over," Gomez said.

Patel, who is 38, was cited for inattentive driving. CBS 2 reached out to him and haven't heard back.


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