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The Bernstein Brief: College Hoops Might Get Dismantled

By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(670 The Score) A sword of Damocles looms over the heads of college basketball's kings, in the form of a federal investigation that has amassed enough evidence to rock the entire enterprise to its foundation.

What adds to the fear and uncertainty is that there's no known timetable for the release of any of the facts contained within the reported 4,000 wiretapped phone calls and thousands more documents obtained by agents in 330 days of work so far. All we have beyond the indictments already issued in the case are some very ominous words.

"A ticking time bomb,"says a report by Yahoo Sports that cites sources with knowledge of the material.

It's one that could "fundamentally and indelibly alter the sport of college basketball."


And an ESPN report noted that the schools involved are blue bloods, with one source saying, "It's not the mid-major programs who were trying to buy players to get to the top, it's the teams that are already there."

Yahoo's source went further, saying "Hall of Fame coaches should be scared, lottery picks won't be eligible to play and almost half of the 16 teams the NCAA showed on its initial NCAA tournament show this weekend should worry about their appearance being vacated."

Those of us done with the free-labor cartel that is the NCAA are rooting for this to vaporize the whole unseemly operation, exposing all the lying to allow us to start from scratch in creating a more just and honest system on this level of de facto professional basketball.

Bring it all on.

Dan Bernstein is a co-host of 670 The Score's "Bernstein and Goff Show" in afternoon drive. You can follow him on Twitter @dan_bernstein and read more of his columns here.

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