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That Time Hawk Harrelson Thought (In August) That The 2015 White Sox Were Better Than The 2015 Royals

(CBS) White Sox TV play-by-play man Hawk Harrelson is truly one of a kind, and we all know he's prone to making some outrageous statements.

Perhaps no statement in 2015 was more outlandish that Harrelson claiming that the White Sox -- who were a disappointment from the start in a 76-86 season -- were "probably a little better" than the eventual champion Royals. Taking this to the next level was that he made the comment during an August broadcast, when the Royals were 22 games above .500 and coming off a sweep of the White Sox, who after that series were seven games under .500.

So take a moment, if you will, to commemorate Harrelson's infamous words that he uttered when the White Sox were only 14.5 games back with 53 to play.

"That three-game series against Kansas City, you could take us talent for talent, we're probably a little better than Kansas City," Harrelson said. "They execute better than we do ... When they get a man on second, they get him over to third and then they probably get him in. When they got a man on second and third and nobody out, they'll get at least one, and most of the time, two."

There's proof of it here, starting around the 28-minute mark.

Another of Harrelson's go-to lines in 2015, of course, was calling hits by the Royals a "Kansas City special." What that means exactly, no one's sure, but apparently Kansas City got lucky again and again. At least that's how Hawk looks at it.

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