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Teen Sets Up 'Free Wash Day' For Those In Need

RIVERDALE (CBS) -- Mama's Coin Laundry Cleaners in Riverdale isn't exactly your typical spring break destination.

But as CBS 2's Mai Martinez reports, that's where one teenager spent her day giving back in a simple, but important way.

Jayera Griffin is on a mission to help others, one load of laundry at a time.

The eighth grade honor student came up with the idea of offering a "free wash day" to her community after noticing some of the younger students she tutors don't always have clean clothes and are embarrassed because of it.

"I told my mom that, and she said some people aren't as blessed as we are," said Jayera.

Realizing some families don't have washers and dyers or can't afford to use a laundromat, Jayera raised over $900 so that families could wash as much clothes as needed during spring break.

"It will help drastically because they wouldn't get talked about as much. Because it lowers their self-esteem," Jayera said.  "Once they get that esteem boost they'll feel much better and they'll pay attention more to their education."

Jayera hopes to make the "free wash day" an annual spring break event, and she also wants to raise money to buy clothes to give away.

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