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Teachers Union Calls On Chicagoans To "Shut It Down" On April 1

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Chicago Teachers Union says it wants to "shut the city down" April 1 as it presses its demands for a balanced state budget and higher taxes on wealthy Illinoisans, reports WBBM's Bob Roberts.

Pickets will appear outside of schools as early as 6:30 April first. Teachers Union vice president Jesse Sharkey is asking "all Chicago citizens" who are concerned by the budget impasse in Springfield to join the one-day protest.

"We can't get a budget out of the governor, we can't any attention," Sharkey said. "I don't think Rahm and the powers that be are going to solve this crisis for us, we are going to have to take matters into our own hands."


The union's Facebook page even urges a boycott of the Magnificent Mile. But Mayor Emanuel has little concern about the day of action.

"I do believe kids belong in school learning," the mayor said.

Emanuel says a contract agreement is close at hand.

The CTU hosted an event at the Chicago Temple Building Wednesday evening. President Karen Lewis took aim at Governor Bruce Rauner.

"This guy looks at the state of Illinois like it's a hedge fund operation Think about it: what do they do? They go in and they 'turnaround' companies by doing what: stripping out their assets, privatizing their work forces if they even keep them," Lewis said.

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