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Image Of Swastika Sent To Oak Park And River Forest Students

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Another hate message seen inside Oak Park and River Forest High School. The third in a week.

But it's how the troubling message was delivered to students that's so surprising. This latest incident taking place during a morning assembly.

Police have identified a person of interest who is a juvenile. The school said it can't elaborate more due to privacy laws but there was additional police presence at the school as a precaution.

What happened inside Oak Park and River Forest High School sent a chilling message through a wireless signal. Some students received an image of a swastika that was Airdropped on cellphones.

Sophomore Naahoyee Bryant described one reaction.

"This girl in my English class (it) popped up on her phone. She's Jewish. You could just see the hurt on her face," Bryant said.

This is how sending a picture via AirDrop works on an iPhone between two people or a group: you select a picture, send it via Bluetooth, in this case to "AirDrop everyone" then someone whose AirDrop is on and accepts files from everyone receives a notification asking if they want to accept.

Regardless of accepting or declining, the preview image is displayed whether it's a dog or something more sinister.

It's the third incident in a week. Racist rants including a swastika were discovered Monday, scrawled inside the girls' restroom. Slurs were also seen on a shed by the school tennis court.

Parent Etta Fuller said it's the second time her daughter asked her to pick her up early due to hate concerns.

"I don't think it's a person. I think it's a group," said Fuller. "We don't need this here in school."

Last year the Anti Defamation League reported that antisemitic messages in K-12 schools were up 94 percent nationwide. As for what's happening at Oak Park-River Forest High School, the investigation continues.

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