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Swarm Of Bees Temporarily Shuts Down Several Gates At O'Hare Sunday

(CBS) -- O'Hare Airport was buzzing Sunday and not just with returning Fourth of July travelers, reports WBBM's Regine Schlesinger.

A swarm of honeybees clustered around a staircase railing outside United Airlines gate B7. As a precaution, United shut down gates B6, B7 and B8 and called in John Hansen, an experienced beekeeper who oversees the 75 beehives at the O'Hare apiary.

Swarm Of Bees Temporarily Shuts Down Gates At O'Hare Sunday

Hansen is not sure these bees came from one of his hives. He says they were following their queen and looking for someplace to establish a new colony. To remove them, he got out his trusty bee vacuum.

"It's strong enough to bring the bees in, but, not strong enough to injure the bees," said Hansen.

As he vacuumed up the bees, Hansen says he wore no protective clothing.

"Bees, in their swarming mode, they have nothing to protect so they don't get agitated. Well, you could get stung if you messed with them, but, I know how to handle them."

Even so, he says he gets stung virtually everyday.

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