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SW Michigan Nuclear Plant Reports Oil Leaked Into Lake Michigan For Two Months

(CBS) -- Federal regulators are being told that oil has been seeping into Lake Michigan from a Michigan nuclear power plant for more than two months, reports WBBM's John Waelti.

The leak was reported to the feds on December 20 and after doing some checking, officials with the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant near Bridgman, Michigan believe the plant may have been leaking oil into Lake Michigan since Oct. 25, more than 2,000 gallons worth.

Michael Keegan, director of the Coalition for a Nuclear-Free Great Lakes, says the plant's location directly across the lake from Chicago is reason for concern.


"If you are taking your water out of Lake Michigan, I think you need to be concerned," Keegan said. "Just a drop of oil will contaminate thousands of gallons. They may not be coming clean with the entire spillage."

It is believed the oil from the turbine of the plant seeped into the lake slowly enough that it initially couldn't be detected.

Plant managers stress that the oil was not contaminated with radiation.

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