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Suspected Cop Killer's Other Victim Speaks Out

CHICAGO (CBS) - Chicago police call him a cold-blooded killer. But prosecutors say the man charged with killing Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk and retired CHA cop Stephen Peters tried to kill another man just a few months before last week's crime - but was never charged.

CBS 2's Dana Kozlov spoke exclusively with that victim who says he wishes, now, he'd cooperated with police.

"That's the bullet wound right there," said 41-year-old Fernando Townsend, pointing to his right side up near his armpit.

The bullet, he says, is still inside of him.

Until last June, the Chicago man had never been shot. That changed, he says, when Timothy Herring, who lived a block away, took out a gun and fired.

"I know he shot me. I seen him. I was lookin' at him," said Townsend.

Townsend says Herring pulled the trigger for no apparent reason after attempting to hit him with his car last summer.

Timothy Herring
Timothy Herring (credit: Chicago Police Department)

The 19-year-old suspect is now charged with attempted murder for that crime, on the same day he went to court on charges he killed Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk and retired CHA cop Stephen Peters last Friday.

Prosecutors say bullets in both cases match. But Townsend's case went nowhere until now.

"I'm glad he's locked up," Townsend said. "I wanted to press charges at first when he shot me, but my mother was skeptical of the gang retaliation. And she didn't want me to do it because she didn't want no gang retaliation."

Michael Flisk (left), Stephen Peters
Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk (left) and retired CHA officer Stephen Peters were shot to death on Nov. 26, 2010. (CBS)

Prosecutors say Herring shot Flisk and Peters to try to cover up a garage burglary he'd committed earlier that day. They say Herring approached both men in the garage and told them he knew who did it.

After Peters told Herring they had fingerprints, prosecutors say Herring shot both men in the head, then turned back and shot them again.

Townsend says he'll continue to cooperate now to keep Herring off the streets.

"I wish I did it earlier," he said. "Officer Flisk and Peters would still be alive."

Timothy Willis
Timothy Willis (Chicago Police Department)

Timothy Willis, 22, was also charged in connection with the murders for allegedly taking the gun and other evidence.

Police say Herring told people he'd committed the murders. Police say it was those third-party admissions and cooperation from the community that helped detectives find Herring.

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