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Survivor of Oct. 7 attack on music festival in Israel shares story in Chicago

Israeli music festival attack survivor shares story
Israeli music festival attack survivor shares story 02:49

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Shalev Biton survived a music festival targeted by Hamas in the attacks on Oct. 7 of last year that led to the Israel-Hamas War – now in its fifth month.

Biton said he is not out to change anyone's mind or talk politics, but rather to share with the world his experience of surviving the Oct. 7 attack.

Biton took video at the Nova Music Festival in Israel on Oct. 7. Hours later, he woke up to a sound he said that he will never forget.

"When I was half sleeping, I heard the launch of the missiles," said Biton.

He said there was no confusion about what he was hearing.

"For me, it was OK, for sure - missiles," Biton said.

Meanwhile, Hamas terrorists were blocking the roads and shooting in his direction.

"I thought to myself, OK, the game is over," Biton said.

Biton, 25, said his only option was to run. He traveled about five miles through the desert until he ended up at a farm – where he hid under a building as Hamas arrived at the property.

"It was the worst horrific war scenes that you see only in movies around us," said Biton.

Five months later, Biton was speaking to an audience in Chicago, sharing his story of survival – and what he calls a new beginning.

"I can say that I got my life back at that point of time," Biton said. "I'm not here to change people or change their mind. I'm here to put my experience; to tell and share my story."

This comes as the Palestinian civilian death toll increases, and ceasefire negotiations are breaking down between Hamas and Israel. The country is gearing up for an attack on the Hamas stronghold of Rafah – also where more than 1.5 million Palestinians have sought refuge.

That all in turn comes as the Islamic Holy Month of Ramadan begins. Ramadan is a time of prayer and fasting.

Dozens of Palestinians gathered on the first night of Ramadan Monday night among the remnants of mosques which were recently destroyed by Israeli airstrikes.

The United States military will build a floating dock to get aid into Gaza, where getting food and other supplies has been a challenge – if not impossible at times – due to the ongoing war.

The U.S. on Monday conducted its seventh airdrop of humanitarian aid on the region.

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