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Supporters Of Man Fatally Shot By Milwaukee Cop Rally In Chicago

(CBS) -- Chicago's Reverend Jesse Jackson is calling for justice for the family of another black man killed by a Milwaukee police officer.

Last April, Dontre Hamilton, 31, was shot to death by a Milwaukee police officer. That officer, Christopher Manney, said Dontre resisted arrest in a Milwaukee park than grabbed his baton.

"At that point, the officer said 'you want to fight?' and he shot him 14 times," said Nate Hamilton, Dontre's brother.

Manney was fired by the department. Just a few days ago, a Milwaukee district attorney announced Manney would not face any charges in Dontre's death and a 30 page report called the shooting justified.

"There's a sense of obvious outrage," Rev. Jackson said.

That outrage was the reason for the Saturday's rally to protest that decision.


Dontre's family's attorney called the use of force beyond excessive.

"Once the gun comes out, fourteen rounds have to go off and that's it?" attorney Alex Flynn said.

Federal investigators are set to begin their own review of Dontre's case.

"We must choose police and people co-existing, not choose one over the other," Jackson said.

Dontre's family says he suffered from mental illness and don't believe he posed any real threat to the officer, although a number of witnesses said otherwise.

Reverend Jackson is now planning to travel to Milwaukee himself to hold a march and protest. He says that will happen soon.

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