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Supply chain shortage leaves Chicago woman without a car for months following crash

After car accident, supply chain shortage leave Chicago woman without a ride
After car accident, supply chain shortage leave Chicago woman without a ride 02:20

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago woman is trying to move on after her car accident, but problems with insurance and repairs are making things difficult. A disagreement over her deductible magically resolved after CBS 2 reached out to the provider.

But the complications with her car are probably out of a news stations' hands.

Morning Insider Lauren Victory puts a local face on a global issue of supply chain shortages.

"I was literally going to the farmers market," said Tanesha Gunn. 

Her quick trip quickly ended. 

"As soon as the light turned green, the driver instead of turning left, turned right and took my whole front end off and kept going," she said. 

Gunn chased the person, then gave officers the license plate of the car. 

"Everyone at the police station was telling me it could've ended differently. They could've had guns and that is still playing in my head," she said. 

Sure, she is blessed. But she's also burned. For two months Gunn's car has been stuck in an auto shop waiting on a left headlamp made by General Motors. 

"Everything else is supposedly fixed," she said. 

CBS 2 found the same headlamp for sale on eBay, but it is out of stock. GM Parts Club says it's on back order. Another site labels it discontinued. 

"They're telling me that there is a supply chain issue," Gunn said. 

Things finally were looking up when CBS 2 could add the headlamp to our cart, but we got suspicious and checked with the seller who emailed back saying, "GM shows no inventory nationwide." 

"I literally get a call from GM each week telling me there's no part, and it's still TBD. So in essence, this could go on for months," Gunn said. 

That will not work for the doula, who needs to be on the go at any time to help her clients in labor. 

"The excuse that I'm getting is due to COVID," she said. "We've been in COVID for two years. I'm not trying to hear that for any type of excuse," she said. 

While the auto shop waits on the part, GM is offering to cover a rental car for Gunn. 

"But here's the kicker with that one: I have to pay all the fees up front and submit my receipts, and wait for reimbursement," she said. 

That is a game she's not trying to play and a ride she can't work without. 

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