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Super Bowl-winning quarterback tells Bears fans to 'relax' about Justin Fields' early play

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CHICAGO (CBS) – Monday morning quarterbacks everywhere had an opinion about the way Justin Fields played in the Bears' 27-10 loss at Green Bay.

But CBS 2 Sports Director Marshall Harris caught up with an actual former quarterback and Super Bowl MVP to get his reaction.

CBS Sports analyst Phill Simms wants everyone to take a breath when it comes to the second-year quarterback.

"I know everybody's up in arms [saying] 'They're not throwing it enough. They're not doing this,'" Simms said. "Just relax. This is a team that's in a rebuild. They're rebuilding and you do it slow. I think they've been very organized. I love all that about them. I watched all their games in preseason. They played hard. I like their whole makeup. I know the numbers are not great. Justin hasn't thrown it much, but that doesn't affect my thoughts, feelings or anything whatsoever."

Harris: "It seems like there's a thin line between patience and actual development. Where do we draw the line as we monitor him in Year 2?"

Simms: "Well there is no line. Come on Marshall. You know that. Patience is a zero, almost for everybody. Are the people in Chicago going 'Well we're making a transition, new coach, young quarterback.' No, they want it now, and don't we all in our society now? We want everything right now. I'm no different from any of that. I would say, you only have one choice Chicago Bears fans: You gotta have patience otherwise, you're just going to drive yourself crazy. It's going to take a while, but I do like where I see Justin Fields."

Harris: "When you look at what's around [Fields], or what's lacking around him in terms of targets, you know, everybody looked at Darnell Mooney, his strong season last year, and Cole Kmet who was supposed to be a breakout candidate, doesn't have a catch. How concerning is that?"

Simms: "I would be very surprised this week if we don't see the Bears come out and throw it a lot more. You got to give the guys experience. They got to get a feel for the game, get some confidence. All that's really true about football and all sports. [Offensive coordinator] Luke Getsy, I guess he's the one calling the plays … give Justin Fields, if he throws 20 passes, I want 10 to be easy and sure completions. I think you can do that in the NFL now."

Fans can watch Sunday's game at Soldier Field on CBS 2 at noon, immediately followed by our postgame show.

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