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Before She Moves, SUE The T-Rex Toys With Twitter Followers' Emotions

CHICAGO (CBS) -- News that SUE the T-Rex will be disappearing for awhile before moving to better digs at the Field Museum has some of her Twitter fans wondering: what's happening to SUE's sassy tweets?

As of Wednesday night, SUE was toying with the emotions of her 29,000 Twitter fans, asking, "What should I do with my last four hours on Twitter before I get boxed up?"

The most popular choice proved to be "Near constant profanity."

Field Museum web and digital communications director Brad Dunn suggested, boxed or unboxed, SUE will keep tweeting through the transition to her "private suite" in 2019.

"I think sassy and irony is going to continue to be the approach of the day," he said.

SUE's cheeky Twitter account proclaims a love of meat and a preference for the pronouns "They and Them."

"I think people love it. I think the thing is, I think people actually love science, is the truth," Dunn said. "I think people love science more than they're usually either willing to say; or even more than they realize themselves."

Dunn said that love for science is at the heart of SUE's appeal.

"People are hungry for it, and they're interested in it, and they realize it actually is part of their lives. That just gives us an opportunity to have fun with it, too," he said.

By the way, Dunn insisted he's not SUE's ghost writer on Twitter.

By the end of the day Thursday, SUE had made it clear even though she might be moving from her popular spot at the Field Museum next year to make way for a bigger dinosaur, she won't really be leaving Twitter anytime soon – especially not after paleontologist Peter Larson, who led the team that excavated Sue, questioned who could compete with her Twitter popularity.

Meantime, SUE's running a game of Dungeons and Dragons on her Twitter account. She's been running a D&D game on Twitter since March.

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