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Subzero Temps Ideal For Ice Fishing Business

(CBS) -- Subzero is tough for most except for those willing to wait out the fish on Northern Illinois' Chain O'Lakes.

"As a youngster growing up, we used to have conditions like this all the time," said Greg Dickson, the owner of the Triangle Bait Shop south of Antioch.

Subzero Temps Ideal For Ice Fishing Business

"We have about two-feet of ice on the Fox chain. Of course current or spring areas are going to be a little bit less but the main pad of ice where people are fishing is about 24 inches," said Dickson.

He says thick ice means good crowds.

"A lot of people get laid off in the winter time and they have extra time on their hands," said Dickson.

He estimates during the day, there've been about 200 ice fishermen daily on the Chain O'Lakes ice, a number that increases drastically come the weekend.

Dickson says the fish have to keep eating under the ice, so they're biting, albeit slowly, through two feet of ice on the Chain O'Lakes.

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