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Suburban Man Frustrated With Bank After Refusing To Reverse Fraudulent Charges Until CBS 2 Got Involved

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A suburban man reached is frustrated after fraudulent charges was issued on his wife's credit card. He knows she didn't make them because she is in hospice.

As Asal Rezaei reports, he says he couldn't get any help from her bank -- until CBS 2 got involved.

After weeks of trying to clear up those fraudulent charges with Chase bank, through tears, Clifford Bammesberger says he is fed up.

"I got enough to deal with, with my wife," he said with a big sigh.

Clifford's wife has cancer and is on home hospice. Her bank statement from last month shows dozens of charges from Poshmark -- a shopping app that Clifford says they've never had access to. He says Chase bank is insisting his wife is the one behind the charges.

"They sent me the investigation report that says the packages were ordered by my wife which is in hospice and delivered to us which is insane. Because it's 41 boxes, and there's no way 41 boxes showed up on that front door," he said.

Clifford says not only are the purchases impossible — but his own credit card with Citibank was hacked on the same day his wife's credit card was.

"Citibank called me personally and says, did you authorize these charges?"

The Citibank charges— also dozens of fraudulent purchases through Poshmark and Amazon.

Within minutes, he says Citibank reversed the charges and resolved their investigation.

Clifford came to a Chase bank thinking it would be easier to resolve things in person. While a banker there wasn't able to help him, when speaking with him, a banker from Chase called him at home.

On the phone with Clifford, a Chase banker asked him if he reached out to CBS 2 and told him they are doing their best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Clifford says at this point -- it's not even about the money.

"Having a mark on her record is important to me. Even though no one's gonna ever know that she has this mark, I do, and having been married 47 years to her it is killing me. It's absolutely breaking my heart," he said.

He's hoping the bank will clear the charges so he can focus on getting through one last Christmas with his wife.

Chase got back to us late Wednesday afternoon and said they have in fact reversed the charges.

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