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Suburban Golfer Hits Two Holes-In-One In Single Round

CHICAGO (CBS) -- It's been called golf's Holy Grail: the hole in one and one south suburban golfer hit two of them yesterday, in his first five holes.

"It was luck, lots of luck," says Paul Dombrowski.

The retired construction laborer was playing golf yesterday at Burnham Woods Golf Course when he hit two aces.

Suburban Golfer Hits Two Holes-In-One

"The first time I said, wow, this is really something and was obviously very surprised and excited but, uh, it's just one of those things that you can't believe. But then the second one I was stunned, you know."

On the back nine, he says, it was back to the old bogey, bogey and par here and there.

Dombrowski's partner, Wayne Nordengreen, witnessed both aces.

"But it was the second one that I knew it was a special day when I get up there and I walked up and I seen it sitting in the hole, you know, I said this is something else, could not believe it."

Dombrowski said he got himself some lottery tickets after the round, and a couple for someone who works at the golf course.

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