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Suburban Cops Defend Actions In Two Raids, Including One That Killed Dog

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The head of a north suburban law enforcement agency was defending tactics used in a couple of raids carried out in the last several months.

Chris Sullivan is director of the Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group, which conducts drug, gun and gang investigations in the northern suburbs. MEG members come from a variety of law enforcement agencies.

Stephanie Smith, 31, told the Lake County News-Sun that, last week, there was a raid on her apartment where her 30-year old brother, Jesse, had been staying for the night.

Suburban Cops Defend Raids

She said her female pit bull mix Lokey raced out of her bedroom when the loud boom of police breaking in sounded. One officer shot the dog twice, killing her, despite Smith's pleas, she said.

Sullivan said the Illinois State Police SWAT members who were carrying out this particular raid "felt that the dog was a threat to them" and "unfortunately had to 'neutralize' the dog."

Smith said her apartment was left in shambles by the raid, and that her couch was slashed as police looked for drugs.

Sullivan said the search was thorough, but denied Smith's claims officers slashed open the couch.

As for a September raid on the Beach Park home of 58-year old Paul Brown, Sullivan said the search warrant was properly carried out, even though, according to the News-Sun, the search warrant listed Brown's address as being in Waukegan, not Beach Park.

He said the raid took place after the delivery of a package containing drugs. Brown told the News-Sun the package was addressed to someone who does not live at his house, and was never opened until police raided the place.

Sullivan said, even though Paul Brown is not likely involved in anything involving the package, someone who lived or lives in his house likely does.

No charges have been filed in the case, which Sullivan said was still under investigation as of Tuesday.

Brown told the Chicago Tribune police raided his home and broke an expensive stained glass door.

Sullivan said it's not usual for his agency to reimburse residents following raids, but that it has happened in some instances.


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