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Suburban Chicago police departments warn of dangers of Senior Assassins water gun game

Multiple Chicago suburbs issue warnings about "Senior Assassins"
Multiple Chicago suburbs issue warnings about "Senior Assassins" 00:33

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Four different suburban police departments have now issued warnings about a viral live-action game called "Senior Assassins."

Schaumburg police said high school students around the country are playing the game. The players try to locate opponents at various places around the community and squirt them with water guns.

The goal is to be the last person in the game who has not been sprayed, police explained.

The youth will hide, chase each other, and use an element of surprise to ambush other players, Schaumburg police said.

This past week, some young people were playing Senior Assassins in a parking garage in Schaumburg. A significant police response followed, as the water guns looked like real guns – and the young people were in a populated area, Schaumburg police said.

Schaumburg police warned that this water gun used by teens playing Senior Assassins in a parking garage looked like a real gun. Schaumburg Police

"We are urging youths to be aware of how their actions when playing this game can be viewed as alarming and disturbing," the Village of Schaumburg said. "The actions could meet the elements of a criminal offense or be considered Disorderly Conduct resulting in a criminal charge."

Schaumburg is not the only suburb where Senior Assassins has been causing problems.

On Wednesday, police in Gurnee said a group of high school students from a nearby community had gone into a restaurant with ski masks and water guns that looked like real guns. They were targeting other students who were dining in the restaurant as part of the game, police said.

An adult with a Concealed Carry license thought there was a real threat, and police emphasized that the situation could have escalated quickly.

"The Gurnee Police Department would like to emphasize that the depiction of firearms, whether real or imitation, in any public setting, is a matter of concern and may instill fear among the public," Gurnee police said. 

"We urge community members to reconsider their participation in such activities and recognize the seriousness of their actions."

Police in Arlington Heights also issued a warning about Senior Assassins. In Itasca, officers said two students playing the game somehow rolled their car.

They were not hurt, but they were cited.

"We ask anyone participating in this 'game' to 'think' about what consequences may come from their actions," Itasca police said.

Itasca Police
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