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Students Return To Stoneman Douglas

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Students are returning to the Florida high school where a mass shooting took the lives of 17 of their classmates and teachers.

The tragedy happened less than two weeks ago.

CBS 2's Lauren Victory has more on how the children are mustering up the courage to enter back into school.

Supportive services will be available for students and their parents at the afternoon orientation for the 3,000 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Classes resume on Wednesday.

A return to the school is optional for students as it was on Friday for Stoneman Douglas teachers.

All faculty members showed up for the emotional reunion.

They held and hugged each other with counselors and therapy dogs standing by.

Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie says it was a time to connect and transition back to class.

He also discussed a recent proposal put out by President Donald Trump to give teachers guns.

"I am totally against arming teachers," says Runcie. "Talk to teaching professionals of whether that makes sense."

"To say that we're packing,  is going to keep somebody out, I don't believe that's the case," says Broward Teachers Union President Anna Fusco.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office ordered armed deputies on campus until further notice.

Some students say they won't go back to Stoneman Douglass at all.

At least one tells CBS News she'll finish the year online and spend the rest of her time fighting for gun control.

The hats worn by the Chicago Cubs with the Stoneman Douglas emblem will be going up for auction.

The online auction will take place this evening on

The Cubs wore those caps during their spring training game Friday.

Proceeds from that auction will benefit the official Stoneman Douglas Victims Fund.

It will help the families of the 17 people killed in the mass shooting there.





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